Start managing your property like a pro with our feature-rich app! Below are just a few of the features.

Commission-Free Booking Engine

Allow your clients to book online 24/7 through a beautiful, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly booking engine. Fully customizable to fit to match your branding and best of all, it’s commission-free!

Drag & drop Calendar

The calendar is the most used tool in a Property Management System, this is why we’ve spent so much time making it clean, powerful and extremely easy to use. Simply Drag and Drop to create or modify bookings.

Create new bookings, modify existing bookings, change booking status with a single click, add/remove guests, assign housekeeping tasks and so much more from a single page.

Channel Manager

Listing your property on as many OTA’s as possible will help you book those empty rooms, but doing it manually is a time-consuming task and increases your chances of getting overbookings.

With CongoDesk we’ll help you automate this task so you don’t have to move a finger. When a new booking is created on any of the 100+ OTA’s, CongoDesk will pull it in automatically and notify all other OTA’s to block slots, therefore, avoiding overbookings.

Housekeeping Management

Managing housekeepers and their duties can be a daunting task, with CongoDesk you can easily set room status, assign rooms to a specific housekeeper, set priorities and even add tasks in which the housekeepers can mark as completed once done.

Housekeepers can access their own separate app via their mobile device to see all tasks assigned and communicate with the Frontdesk using the notes feature.

Online Payments

Having the option to receive bookings at any time from the booking engine is great, but it gets even better if you can charge your clients at the same time.

With our native Stripe integration, you can let your guests securely pay online using their credit card. You can either request the full amount to be paid, a percentage, or simply a fixed fee.


Create invoices hassle-free. CongoDesk will get all data from the folio, including all debits and credits and it will fill out the invoice automatically, all you need to do is click a button to email the invoice to the guest or simply to print it.

Reports & Statistics

To run a successful business you need to analyze data and we make it easy for you to do so.

CongoDesk offers a wide variety of useful and easy to understand reports like sales, payments received, units sold, nationalities, occupancy rate, booking sources and more.

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